The US Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), the Israel Ministry of Defense, Defense Research and Development Directorate (MAFAT), and the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel are pleased to announce CTTSC3, a unique contest to identify and support the startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators that are driving the next breakthroughs in technology for combating terrorism.

The contest is open to startups worldwide with technology that can help prevent terrorism, protect people, data, or infrastructure from terrorists, assist counter-terrorism and law-enforcement organizations, or facilitate recovery from terrorist attacks.  (This year the contest also includes a separate special track for Urban Navigation technologies).

Special Notice !

Join us February 25 in our “How To Win” meetup where  a group of entrepreneurs, investors, government liaisons, and prior CTTSC winners will discuss:

  • How the US Defense Department seeks and supports Israeli startups
  • How to make your startup a great candidate (no matter what your domain) 
  • How to connect with major US corporates (no matter what your stage)
  • How to maximize your chances of winning the Combating Terrorism Technology Challenge

In addition, our keynote speaker Yair Amit will describe his journey from founding to $280 Million exit in 5 years .

February 25th 18:00, Oracle Cloud Accelerator, Sarona 


Terrorism is a constantly evolving worldwide threat.  As terrorists become more sophisticated, so too must the tools for detecting, preventing, and defeating them. 

CTTSC3 merges the dynamism and innovation of the startup ecosystem with the experience and resources of the US and Israeli defense establishments to deliver the next generation of game-changing technologies for combating terror.

CTTSC3 follows on the success of CTTSC1 (held in 2014) and CTTSC2 (held in 2016), both of which identified and accelerated a number of promising  combating terrorism breakthroughs across a variety of technology domains.

The contest is open to anyone (startup, entrepreneur, developer, researcher, etc.) that has at least a proof of concept of a technology that can help fight terrorism.

(Note that this year, in addition to the general challenge, there is a special Track for navigation technologies)

Enter online  by March 9, 2018 (links at The Contest page below).  

Entries will be evaluated by an international panel of distinguished judges, and finalists will present live at the CTTSC Conference, held in conjunction with CyberWeek, on Sunday June 17, 2018.  

Participating in CTTSC3 brings major benefits:

  • General technology prize of $100,000 
  • Navigation technology prize of $100,000
  • $10,000 prizes to the runners up 
  • Sponsored travel to demonstrate in Israel (for selected finalists)
  • Complimentary participation in the 2019 Merage HLS Seminar (for 2 selected finalists)
  • Mentorship by leading international experts and organizations
  • All prizes are no-strings-attached (ie, no impact on equity or IP ownership)

The Contest

The contest is open to all startups, entrepreneurs, university research groups, and other innovators worldwide.   

This year, the contest is divided into two separate tracks: General Combating Terrorism Technologies (Track1) and Technologies for Urban Navigation (Track2).  

Click on the buttons below for information and to register for each track.

Track 1 is for any innovation that can help combat terrorism (and that is not a Navigation Technology).  We are looking for breakthroughs in:

  • Detecting and responding to terrorist threats.
  • Protecting people, infrastructure, and data.
  • Mitigating and recovering from attacks.
  • Prior finalists have included startups in surveillance, social media analytics, drones, image and video understanding, cybersecurity, robotics, personal protection, reconnaissance, biometrics, and detection of hidden threats.

Track 2 is for innovations in urban and GNSS-denied navigation.  

  • The goal is solutions that enable positioning and tracking in indoor, urban canyon,  remote rural, and other environments where GPS is not an option. 
  • Technologies may include: Laser, Inertial, Vision, SLAM, dead reckoning, pre-installed beacons or other infrastructure, pre-loaded maps, wifi, cellular, or any other solution that operates in a GNSS-denied environment.

Key Dates


Friday January 19 2018

Challenge opens


Sunday February 25 2018 (optional)

If you are in Tel Aviv, join us for the "How to Win" meetup at Oracle Accelerator, Sarona Market at 18:00


Friday March 9 2018

Deadline for first round entries


Friday April 6 2018

First round notifications


Friday May 11 2018

Finalists announced


Sunday June 17 2018

Finalists present at the CTTSC conference and prizes are awarded


Sunday October 21 2018

Urban Navigation Festival (for Track 2 Finalists)

The Finals, Conference, and Startup Exhibition


June 17, 2018


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